Thursday, March 31, 2011

April 24 Hosting Begins!

Welcome to the Pax Christi IHN blog! We are working with the web designers for the new website and will hopefully be able to have the information contained in this blog on the official church website in the future. However, as that site has not yet launched, we are utilizing this blog for the time being.

You should be able to see the calendar we use to keep track of all of your generous volunteer time slots at the top of this page. As Amy or I update the calendar, you will be able to see where we still have needs as opposed to getting a list via email. (This occurs in real time so be sure to use your refresh button!)  I recommend that you click on the "Weekly" view for the best format. If you click on the specific task a box will pop out. If there is no name or contact information after the task, we still have need for a volunteer at this time. (Note: You will not necessarily see all the information unless you click on the task!)

Also, there is a link to the side where you can contact us via email to volunteer for a specific time and task. Please include the date, time and task that you are willing to take.

Megan will be the primary coordinator for the week of April 24-May 1.

We look forward to serving with you.

Megan and Amy